Ahmed Sumeira, a courageous Muslim civil liberties lawyer I knew in the Middle East, says he has personally investigated the dispute between the Iranian government and Fox News about why Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani faces capital punishment. The government says he committed rape and extortion. Fox News reviewed the Court decree ordering the hanging and discovered that not a word was mentioned about rape or extortion. As a former Muslim Pastor Nadarkhani’s to be hanged for apostasy. Now Ahmed has investigated and says Fox News is correct and he tells me that the Pastor’s wife has also been sentenced to life imprisonment for apostasy. Amnesty International says the government has offered leniency on the condition that Nadarkhani renounces his Christian faith.

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  1. MaryLou Schneider says:

    God bless Youcef! We must pray hard that God will help him as only God can.

  2. Joe Quinn says:

    Clearly no respect for contrary beliefs in the Islamic faith. No First Ammendent in Iranian thinking!

  3. kenschneider says:

    Where is the Muslim outrage?

  4. Bob Noble says:

    Doing the Lords’s work , God bless !

  5. Carol Howardson says:

    A true modern day martyr. May God be with him and his family..

  6. Larry Noble says:

    God bless him and God bless Fox News for bringing public attention to this. Outrage.

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