When President Obama ran in 2008, he promised that he’d unite us…  respect freedom of conscience and religious liberty … bring Americans together. And it’s starting to look like he might just be doing that … by uniting us against him!

Oh, sure… I admit that he’s been outrageously divisive, especially when it comes to these issues. For example, he has ridiculed those in small Pennsylvania and mid-West towns who, he says, just “cling”– “bitterly” — to their religion. And he has blatantly tried, too, to interfere with the right of a Protestant congregation to select its own minister.  And he has ridiculed Catholic moral beliefs through propaganda launched by his own White House staff.  Ok, OK. So he violates the Constitution, conscience guarantees and fundamental religious liberty. Picky, picky, picky.

But, on the other hand,  just look at the amazing common fronts he’s caused to be launched in matters like these … against him:

  • When his EEOC appointees tried to interfere with Michigan’s Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church when it tried to exercise its First Amendment right to choose its own minister, their interference united Americans of almost every faith… against the Administration! As Baylor Professor Thomas S. Kidd noted in USA Today:           

What do evangelical Christians, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Hare Krishnas have in common? Normally, you wouldn’t expect these groups to agree on much. In the Supreme Court case Hosanna-Tabor Church v. EEOC, however, an incredible array of faith groups — including representatives of these and other religions — have filed amicus briefs in favor of the church. Led by the non-sectarian Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Hosanna-Tabor’s defenders know that a decision against the church could have terrible consequences for freedom of conscience in America.”

  • And in that very same Supreme Court case, the Administration’s anti-constitution and anti-faith agenda brought another — even more divided — group into unanimous unity…  in opposition, again, to the Administration’s agenda. I’m talking about the nine Supreme Court justices themselves! They set aside their persistent propensity to disagree strenuously in 5-4 decisions — at least for this one case — as the Justices slammed the Obama Administration’s twin assaults on the United States Constitution and fundamental religious liberty in a 9-0 decision!
  • When Obama’s White House representatives ridiculed fundamental Catholic moral belief while attempting to shore up the Obamacare mandate to require all healthcare insurance to pay for abortifacient and contraceptive pills and sterilization, he prompted even friendly, left-leaning bishops and some dissident Catholic periodicals to join faithful Catholics in opposing him. And that’s not all! Even many in his own pseudo-Catholic political coterie joined the protestors, and these included even his principal Catholic apologist (and recent Ambassador to Malta) Doug Kmiec, far left Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne and even his former Democrat colleague and healthcare co-conspirator Bart Stupak (pictured at left), who once had promised his pro-life constituents that Obamacare would not infringe upon their moral beliefs.
  • But there’s more! Scores of Democrats running for office in both Houses of Congress are now falling over each other as they try to distance themselves from the Administration on this issue. Gee — does that mean the President might even cause this dysfunctional Congress to get something done, at least when it comes to opposing his attacks on religious liberty?

Admittedly, much of this contemplated unity seems pretty far fetched…. But then again, just look at what is already happening– thanks to the President! Just imagine…. Maybe, some day soon, we can all join together around an ecumenical and bi-partisan campfire in united opposition as we join together in a chorus of Kumbaya….
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About Ray Noble

Deus et Patria -- A Website for Americans Who Enjoy Being Catholic ... and Vice Versa. ABOUT ME: Retired lawyer-law professor-author. Raised in NJ, now living in Florida. Widower and Father. EDUCATION ACHIEVEMENTS: Summa Cum Laude, Undergrad debating scholarship, Fulbright scholarship, Campion Scholar at Oxford University, Presidential Scholar at Boston College Law School, law review editor. DIVERSE PROFESSIONAL LIFE: Corporate lawyer, state (NJ) Deputy Atty General for Civil Rights, Law school associate professor (St. John's University), legal writer, author of guide for women at the request of the New Jersey League of Women Voters, state judiciary's chief of long range planning, state bar association's chief counsel, USIA law reform rep in Gaza and the West Bank, co-founder and overseer of 9/11 Mass Disaster relief program for World Trade Center victims. In 2001, after 33 years of marriage and 8 children (6 living daughters), Alice, the love of my life (my high school sweetheart), died when she was only 55 years old. I still miss her deeply and always will. But in 2002, an unexpected, new chapter began when I left the practice of law and became a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal for 3 blessed years. I served in the Hispanic apostolate and the pro-life ministry, counseling outside abortion mills in Manhattan and the Bronx. I loved the CFRs' radical commitment to poverty. I also treasured the abundant daily prayer that included Mass, the Divine Office, daily Eucharistic adoration and rosary, and both communal and private contemplative prayer. But in 2005, while I was still in temporary vows, one of my daughters was hospitalized, with long term needs. It became clear to others and to me that my 3 years as a friar.was to become a prelude to other things. Retiring to central Florida, I continue to see my daughter's needs as my first commitment. I also work to combat human trafficking. In my parish ministries and in my life as a single senior citizen, I try to continue the life I knew as a friar as much as I can. This website is a recent development. I hope you find it helpful and, at least occasionally, fun. I do.
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  1. Joe Quinn says:

    Ray. This site was sent to me and others in SMHS 61 class by Ruth Choma via Lou Cartnick. Nice to see an objective and intellectual analysis of the direction this social engineering president intends to take us during his term, God forbid, terms! also saw the word Widower in your bio and am sad for you. I know what life is like without a partner to walk the path with and to share the bumps and bruises. I don’t have an email address for you but I will be in Florida soon visiting one of my sons. Would love to visit for coffee if possible. I am Joe Quinn, California,, 951 672-3468.

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